What is a Home Bakery?

Ditch the Mix home bakery-baking utensils and ingredients

 A home bakery is a home-based bakery business that operates out of a residential kitchen (with one oven, stove and fridge) in order to make baked goods.

Home bakeries are inspected and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety for cleanliness, safety and proper labeling of all bakery items. Additionally, this inspection includes, but is not limited to, surveying for the proper storage of perishable and non-perishable ingredients, assessing the water supply, and monitoring the refrigerator temperature.

Only after completing the inspection and licensing process is a home bakery permitted to sell and distribute bakery products, such as cookies, breads, brownies, cakes, fruit pies, cheesecakes, cream pies, custard pies, pumpkin pies; etc. 


 Ditch the Mix is a licensed home bakery and has been operating as such since 2020

Ditch the Mix licensed home bakery in Columbus, Ohio

We maintain our home bakery registration with the Ohio Department of Agriculture


 What this means:

  • We make all of our baked goods in our own home, in our own residential kitchen
  • We have been inspected and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety
  • All of our bakery items are properly and accurately labeled
  • We can bake brownies and cookies and sell them online and in-person at community events, festivals and markets  
For more info about local markets and pop ups, check us out on Facebook and Instagram to find out where we'll be next! 

       What this means FOR YOU :

      Ditch the Mix home bakery makes everything from scratch

      • Quality control: You get homemade baked goods, always baked to order and made from scratch
      • Peace of mind: You can be confident knowing that our baked goods are safe for you, your friends and your family to enjoy
      • Transparency: You will always know what you're getting (and if you have additional questions about ingredients, just ask)
      • Guarantees: You get to enjoy the BEST brownies you will ever have!
      • Choices: You get what stores and pre-made mixes can't give you homemade goodness (especially if you are gluten free or a follow a Keto diet)
      • Availability & flexibility: You can order online 24/7 and either pick up your order, have it delivered  or get it shipped.


      Ditch the Mix makes the BEST brownies; thick, fudgy brownies