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What can we say?! We bake and we know things; and we know and believe that homemade brownies and cookies are always better than any box mix!

At Ditch the Mix, we specialize in homemade brownies and cookiesalways made from scratch and baked to order in small batchesafter which we hand package each order and deliver or ship it directly to you.

Ditch the Mix is a Black-owned, woman-owned licensed home bakery in Columbus, Ohio. We bake the BEST brownies you will EVER have (in your life)! So if you are looking for dessert near you, look no further! We are known for our thick, rich fudge brownies and our soft, buttery cookiesavailable in Classic (ALL the gluten), Gluten Free, Vegan and Keto varieties. Yep, your dessert options have just been upgraded!

And not to be cheesybut also not to be forgottenthat every batch of brownies and cookies are made with love and from the collective experience of the generations of women in my family who came before me. Because of this, it is a super special experience to bake them and share them with you.

Find out why here.

Due to the homemade nature of our baked goods, we highly recommend pre-ordering online 24 hours prior coming to pick up or requesting local delivery (and if your brownies and cookies need shipped, please give us 2-3 days notice).

Ok, that's prety much everything....so what are you waiting for?!

Enjoy some of our homemade goodness! Order today and have the BEST brownies and cookies you will ever have (in your life) delivered or shipped directly to you!

Ditch The Mix! Get your homemade fix!

Ditch the Mix owner with her mixer and baking goods

Why Ditch the Mix?

We know that baking isn't easy; it is an art, a science and a labor of love.

At Ditch the Mix, we LOVE to bake, so now you don't have to!

What makes Ditch the Mix different?

HOMEMADE. Everything we bake is made from scratch (NO box mix over here!!!)

INCLUSIVE. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy sweet treats, so we offer brownies and cookies in Classic (ALL the gluten), Gluten Free, Vegan & Keto varieties (NO "regular" or "basic" brownies over here!!!)

THE BEST. RIch, thick fudge brownies (if you want cake, then eat cake; NO cakey brownies over here!!!) PLUS... the softest, buttery cookies (you know: soft on the inside, little crunch on the outside)

100% REAL. No added preservatives, chemicals, GMOs (we use real ingredients that you know and can pronounce)

LOVE. Every order is packaged by hand, like a gift (because you and yours deserve to enjoy the present)

We are here for YOU!

• To satisfy your sweet tooth

• When you want dessert but don't have the time, energy or desire to bake (...OR maybe baking just isn’t your thing)

• When you want something different or non-traditional

• When you're bored with the typical desserts, like cakes and cupcakes

And for ALL of your occasions:

• Sweet treats for your party at work

• Dessert catering for your graduation party, wedding, baby shower, corporate event or other special occasion

• The "perfect" surprise gift or last minute gift

We're ready! Are you ready for us to bake for you? If so, then Ditch the Mix! Get your homemade fix!


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Thick, rich fudgy brownies. The best brownies are at Ditch the Mix

Get your homemade fix!

We bake a variety of flavors of brownies and cookies for all "dietary lifestyles" (Classic "ALL the gluten", Gluten Free, Vegan and Keto.

Our brownies come in boxes of 6 brownies (minimum) up to 12 brownies (maximum). Enjoy as few, or as many as you like! We won't judge.

Our cookies come in boxes by the dozen. We promise that you won't be disappointed!

Ready to enjoy all of our homemade goodness? Order today and have the BEST homemade brownies and cookies delivered or shipped directly to you! (Yes, you read that right! We will deliver or ship our homemade brownies and cookies to you).

Ditch the Mix! Get your homemade fix!


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